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Whether you’re used to working from home, or recent events have you tuning into the office on video chat, there are many ways to create a more eco-friendly home that fits your lifestyle and schedule. Reducing plastic use is an excellent step toward lowering your carbon footprint and creating a safer and cleaner world for all, and here are a few simple ways to get started!


In the Home Office

Purchase Higher-Quality Supplies

There are a few essentials every home office needs, but when you purchase one higher-quality item, like a pen you really love or a computer desk chair that you can rely on, you won’t have to make the purchase again for some time. High-quality items last longer, which means fewer end up in the trash and landfills, and you’ll know you can rely on your tools to do the job right.

Go Paper-Free

Yes, we’re talking about plastic, but a lot of the junk mail we often receive for work contains plastic, which makes it difficult to recycle. In addition to going paper-free with your business, which is an excellent way to reduce waste, remove yourself from mailer lists that contribute to waste with credit card offers, plastic postcards, and coupons you won’t use.

Request Green Shipping

Many companies are going green when it comes to shipping products, which means using recycled paper instead of bubble wrap or packing peanuts. If you have the option of green shipping, go for it. Otherwise, hold onto the shipping materials and reuse them next time you need to ship something fragile, so the plastic gets another use. If possible, try to reduce your shipping needs by purchasing electronic copies, visiting the library for books, or finding a local store with the items you need.

In the Kitchen

Purchase in Bulk

An excellent way to reduce your plastic use in the kitchen is to bring your own jars and cans to the store. Smaller shops have made it easy to fill up on ingredients in bulk for years and many larger stores are adding in the option as well. Find a shop with bulk food options, like nuts, granola, grains, spices, and dried fruit, and bring your own glass containers to fill. This is an easy way to avoid large, plastic or cardboard containers.


Store and Prep

Plastic can be a tempting way to store your leftovers or prep your meals. Resist the temptation of convenience by investing in reliable, plastic-free containers that you can use for your leftovers and also for any meal prepping you might want to do. This means you won’t even need to worry about bringing plastic wrap, bags, or single-use containers into the house at all.

Swap Your Bags

Grocery store plastic bags are one of the biggest contributors to kitchen plastic waste, and that’s why our team at Commit to Green is dedicated to reducing your need for them and providing eco-friendly alternatives. Because not all tote bags are created equal. Our non-woven reusable tote bags are an excellent addition to any plastic-free kitchen because they’re 100% compostable and made from renewable resources. No more under-the-sink plastic bag piles for you!

In the Kids Room

Embrace Wood, Woven, and Glass

Raising healthy, happy kids is challenging all on its own, but taking a few small steps to ensure their room and belongings are eco-friendly can help! While it may seem a little scary to take the plastic out of their room, you have options. Invest in a bed frame and toys made of a reliable, non-toxic wood. Store their belongings in woven or wicker baskets, and find a few high-quality toys they really love and will use for a long time, instead of a lot of disposable ones. This will help make parents and kids alike very happy.

Ditch Single-Use Storage

Plastic bags are a super convenient way to bring snacks and toys on day trips or when attending a traditional school or camp environment, but you have excellent alternative options that won’t contribute to landfill build up. Create or find eco-friendly silicone snack pouches that are washable, reusable and  and zip-able, and keep your baby food containers to make your own dishes. A reusable lunchbox, metal water bottle, and refillable juice box pouches are simple switches that make a big difference.

Get Your Kids Involved

We all have a responsibility to keep our air, earth, and water safe and clean, and the sooner you begin involving your kids in the green living experience, the better understanding they’ll have of their choices and the role they play. It can be a lot of fun to talk about nature, animals, and creative, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and waste, so find ways to engage them with books, science television programs, day trips to lakes and mountains, and more.

There are many ways to go plastic-free and reduce waste in your home and Commit to Green is here to help. Explore our shop for compostable bags and take the next step on your journey today.

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