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Our Founder

Shien-ru Tsao is the Founder and Principal Ideator at Commit To Green™. She is a product designer and serial entrepreneur in New York City. Her products range from paper goods to pet apparel and women’s accessories. Over the years her collections have sold throughout the US and International markets in boutique establishments along with mass-market  retailers such as Anthropologie, Macy’s, Petco, and QVC. Her designs have been featured in Glamour.com, Real Simple Magazine, Modern Dog Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Austin Statesman, Treehugger.com and Racked NYC + National.



“I am fortunate to have a career that I love. I’m a southern transplant who moved to New York City to become a designer and start my own business. More than a decade later, I am thrilled to say that I have more than realized those dreams by launching and selling a series of successful creative startups. Today, as I look towards the future, I see a movement in our society that mixes personal meaning, compassion, community action, and capitalism. I strive to be a part of this philosophy, I hope the products featured here will help inspire, motivate, and provide viewers with valuable resources that will compliment and advance their own green missions. I believe everyone’s actions can make a difference.”