Here at Commit to Green, we believe that smart designs, intentional living, and composting resources in the hands of the right people (that’s you!) can raise environmental awareness in our communities, reduce landfill waste, and help leave behind a better world.

That’s why we’re focused on designing and manufacturing high-end compostable products and disrupting the world of disposable packaging one bag at a time. Our bags and liners help to eliminate the use of harmful plastics and offer a responsible alternative to both traditional and new biodegradable plastics. Because we’re committed to realizing a zero-waste economy by providing unique tools for managing food waste, diverting waste from harmful disposal systems, and helping to transform the largest category of waste into resources that can really make a difference.

Our products include core lines of compostable organics waste disposal liners and compostable alternatives to standard plastic and paper shopping bags. And we’re always growing. In just three short years, we have created a lifestyle brand that makes it easy for customers from all over to begin or expand their sustainability journey. We’ve worked with public and private institutes, small businesses, and individual citizens, and now we want to work with you.

What’s our mission? Helping you help the world.