Composting Toolkit

Welcome to the Composting Tool Kit page, your ultimate guide to the world of composting! Discover what composting is, explore its incredible benefits, and find the perfect composting solution tailored for New York City. From understanding the science behind composting to learning about composting techniques and troubleshooting, our comprehensive resources will empower you to become a composting expert.








The Magic of Composting: Feeding the Earth's Circle of Life!

Discover the power of composting for a sustainable future—reduce landfill waste, enrich soils, and promote a healthier environment. Stay informed about NYC's mandatory food waste recycling policy and learn what you can and cannot compost along with some helpful tools to get started.




Finding a Composting Solution

Discover composting solutions in NYC, everything from residential curbside composting, DSNY SMART Compost bins, to our local micro haulers. Check out our how-to video and kick start your journey using our easy to follow compost guide.