When we each take steps to make our lives more sustainable, we create a movement much larger than ourselves. That’s why our team here at Commit to Green wants to partner with your business, your municipality, or your university to combine our journeys toward minimizing human impact on the planet and creating a more viable and ecocentric future for all of us.

Whether you’re serving a community or helping to put green products in the hands of consumers who will really love them, Commit to Green wants to work with you. We make reducing your impact on the environment as easy as taking out the trash. Just check out our line of bags and liners for example. Where traditional plastic bags take up to 1,000 years to decompose, our bags biodegrade in just 180 days, when properly composted. Our products make it easy to take actionable steps that support your green commitment to consumers and constituents, to reduce your organization’s waste in-house, and to be part of a green solution for the future. And it doesn’t have to stop with wholesale purchasing. 

We’re looking for partners in all sectors. So if you’re interested in carrying our products, using our products, or cross-promoting great resources for green enthusiasts and eco-newbies alike, we want to talk! Contact us with your interest, your ideas, and your current projects so we can start taking those first green steps toward our shared future together.