Green Resources For Your Business

Whether you interested in taking your green business to the next level or just figuring out where start commit is here help. practicing sustainable doesn't have mean worrying about bottom line completely changing organization structure into something brand new. as might imagine we really recycling reusing and upcycling ideas products systems. it kind of our whole thing.

That’s because the global waste of food and plastic has become a problem we can no longer ignore, and as a community business leader, you’re in the position to take a stand against currently-accepted waste disposal processes, to reduce your company’s impact on the environment, and to provide a greener, more sustainable experience for your employees and consumers every day. And what if we told you, it all starts with a bag?

The average plastic bag takes up to 1,000 years to decompose. And while paper is often considered the more eco-friendly option, more than 80% of paper bags continue to end up in landfills regardless. We offer another alternative—the compostable plastic bag that biodegrades in just 180 days and both emits fewer greenhouse gasses and creates far less marine pollution than the simple paper bag. Switching from paper and plastic to compostable bags can help to reduce your business’s landfill load, mitigate and remove health risks associated with pollution and waste disposal, and protect endangered species around the world.

And the effect can be felt closer to home too. When you take eco-conscious steps for your business, you’re making a statement about the values that your company supports. Using our liners and bags indicates a community-oriented approach to business management that your consumers are sure to feel. Not only will you become a brand or organization known for your social impact, but you’ll be noted as a progressive leader in the community and among other businesses looking to follow in your green footsteps.

It doesn’t end there. In addition to local support and the boosted morale of employees and consumers alike, going green has a financial benefit as well. If your business is built on the foundation of sustainability and eco-friendly choices, you may be eligible for tax incentives and write-offs that help to support the transition. Farm to table is all the rage, so take it one step further—farm to table and back to the farm, where compostable materials can be used to help grow next year’s harvest. Your consumers will love being part of the solution.

They’ll also love the resources and information you share with them from our expert team. They’ll love that you feel like a company they can trust and take pride in, and they’ll love that you make eco-friendly shopping, dining, and living easy and convenient. Don’t forget about the benefits of social interaction that attracts eco fans and makes it easy to share your business online framed as a forward-thinking environmental organization doing it right.

It doesn’t stop there. We’ve got more great resources, interactive options, and technology rolling out soon, and we want to work with you. Visit our partnership page to find out how we can blend our ideas to help create the ultimate trail-blazer eco campaign, develop viable long-term projects with environmental intention at every stage, and provide customers with the care and experience they deserve. Set your business apart from the rest with eco-friendly leadership, design, and products. 

Start by downloading our Marketing Deck today. We look forward to taking this journey together.