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Where Can I Compost


Residential Food Scrap
Drop-Off Sites

Food scraps can be turned into compost. Compost creates healthy soil, which nourishes plants. You can take certain food scraps for composting to drop-off sites (PDF) located throughout the five boroughs.

Learn what to drop off.

Find Food Scrap Drop-Off Sites

Food scrap drop-off sites are located in public spaces. Do not leave food scraps when sites are closed.

Site schedules are subject to change. In cases of severe weather or holidays, food scrap drop-off sites may be closed early or canceled. Please check the interactive drop-off map for the latest schedule updates.

Please note that some food scrap drop-off sites are do not accept fall leaves. For information on how to recycle your leaves, visit nyc.gov/leafcollection.


Food Scraps + Yard Waste for Businesses

Businesses play a crucial role in protecting our environment and achieving the Mayor's goal of reducing commercial waste by 90% by 2030. In addition to lowering costs by avoiding common sanitation violations, businesses can benefit by reducing their carbon footprint, maintaining a clean property, and increasing their competitive edge.

Find more information about opening or operating a business in New York City at nyc.gov/business.

Organic waste, such as food waste, food soiled paper and yard waste makes up approximately one-third of the waste generated by businesses in New York City. This material can be processed to create soil-enhancing compost or used as an energy source in aerobic and anaerobic digesters.








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